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What is AdsPipe.net?

AdsPipe.net partnered with OpenX is a unique Internet media company making the web inventory smarter.. AdsPipe.net is the most advanced and targeted solution for all the Advertisers. AdsPipe.net is the power of revenue for thousands of the websites to make their inventory smarter and hot property on the Web.

What is OpenX Ad Server?

OpenX Ad Server are our Technology partner. We hired their expertise to manage our Enterprise ad servers. They take care of our hardware, software management while we can focus on getting more advertisers and pay you a higher rate.

How often AdsPipe.net Stats update?

AdsPipe.net stats update after 24 hours.

How does AdsPipe.net Work?

When Advertisers or Publishers join AdsPipe.net, they become members of the AdsPipe.net network. They can access profiles, performance metrics and demographic statistics. It will help them decide which websites best suits their own. We strive to build mutually beneficial strong partnerships between the Advertisers and Publishers.

How can I join AdsPipe.net network as a Publisher?

You can join us by logging in the Publisher section on our home page. You just have to fill out a registration form with your details to become a member of AdsPipe.net network.

How much will it cost me to join AdsPipe.net?

We have no joining or setup fees for you to join AdsPipe.net. You can start a free account with us and start placing ads on your website. However, it is mandatory for you to regularly generate activity within the stipulated 90 days period in order to maintain an active account. You must also have a valid web address as well as an e-mail account. Once you start placing ads on your website, you can monitor your transactions.

How can I choose ads to place on my website?

We allow you to view all the banners as well as the rates. You can click on any banner which you wish to place on your website. Your request will be logged and if the Advertiser approves your request, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail to place the banner on your website.

What are your requirements for a site to be accepted into your network?

Site must have 5,000 unique visits per month, and must align with the characteristics and needs of our advertisers.

Publisher's Site MUST:

1- Contain professional design
2- Have a minimum of 5,000 unique visits per month
3- Contain originally, regularly updated content.


Publisher's Site CANNOT:

1- Be under construction
2- Allow auto-refresh or timed rotation of AdsPipe.net ads.
3- Promote, Facilitate or engage in any hacking, spamming, pirating or any illegal or legally questionable activities.

What's the average inventory fill rate?

AdsPipe.net is committed to filling 100% of the inventory.

How many ads can I use on a page?

You may place one tag for each size per page. You can place maximum 3 ads per page.
Here is the example; You can place three ads of different sizes like, 120x600, 468x60 & 728x90. You can not place two 468x60 or any size on a single page.

How large is the network?

AdsPipe.net delivers more than 2 billion impressions to more than 40 million unique users in more than 100 countries every month.

What are ad sizes do you run?

120x600, 160x600, 300x250, 468x60, 728c90 and popups.

Where I can find my Ad Codes?

You can find your ad codes by logging to your control panel.

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How much money I will make?

Publishers participate on a fixed revenue share model where they receive 80% of the revenue generated by their inventory. We pay the highest revenue share on the Net. Most of media companies only pay  50%-60% of their revenue.
Factors that effect how much money you will make center around the amount and quality of your traffic.

What is your First Payment Policy?

First payment should be through Check (100 US $) and Net 30.
This is to ensure the legitimacy of our publishers by verifying their addresses through first Check payment.

What is average CPM rate on AdsPipe.net?

We can not guarantee a fix CPM rate. Factors that effect your CPM rate are amount and quality of your traffic.
For last 12 months CPM averages at AdsPipe.net are ranging from 0.10 to 1.50 $ / cpm.

How do I get paid?

We have a daily payout system and we use Check, Paypal, Money Bookers and Wire Transfer as our method of payment for you, *First payment will be though Check and Net 30 days, all future payments will be released the same day you reach minimum payment amount.

What are payment methods available at adspipe.net?

These are the following payment methods available on the adspipe.net

1- Check
2- Paypal
3- Wire Transfer
4- Money Bookers

What is the payment threshold?

100$ for the Check, Paypal & Money Bookers and  $250 for the Wire Transfer (we pay daily).

How do I select or change a payment method?

Simply E-mail us your preferred payment method.  Email: [email protected]

What is the minimum payout amount?

100 US $ for the Check
100 US $ for the Paypal
100 US $ for the Money Bookers
250 US $ for the Wire Transfer

Why your First payment is Net 30 basis?

Net 30 means if you reach your minimum payout amount in January you will be paid in March.
We pay daily but we need to make sure that your publisher account is in good understanding, to protect our advertisers we implement a condition of NET 30 (due to our account compliance policy) on the first payment.

Where I can find my earnings? What is your default currency?

Login to your account with the login details you received in the Welcome email.
Got to Statistics  ---> See the column  Rev.  (stands for revenue) The value under  Rev.  column is your earned amount.
Default currency is United States Dollar.

I have multiple websites. Can I insert the same ad codes to all of my websites?


My website offers Incentives/Rewards to our visitors. Am I eligible to join AdsPipe.net?


Do you accept adult/porn sites?


How do you check Fraud or SPAM?

We do not tolerate any kind of Fraud or SPAM and we take stern action to check it. We will terminate the account immediately and all the earnings of the Publisher will be forfeited.

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What is an Advertiser?

An Advertiser can be any website that sells products or services, receives payments and executes orders. Advertisers place banners and links of their products and services on other websites i.e. Publishers. Advertisers pay these Publishers a commission for sales or leads that generate from their websites.

How can I join AdsPipe.net network as an Advertiser?

Joining AdsPipe.net is quite easy and simple. You can login on our home page and you just have to fill out the registration form with the details of the website you want to promote.

How much will it cost me to join AdsPipe.net?

We have no joining/setup fees or monthly fees for you to join AdsPipe.net. With as little as $500, (which is your opening account balance meant to pay your Publisher commissions), you can join AdsPipe.net and promote your website.

What are the standard banner sizes that I should use?

It is your choice. You can use banners of any size. However, the standard and most common sizes used include 468X60, 728x90, 120X600, 160x600, 300x250 and popups.

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